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China stamping parts market challenges and opportunities


China stamping parts market challenges and opportunities

2010/07/12 14:42
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Automobile Metal Stamping is a very important automotive parts, such as the truck body, chassis, body carriage and car body parts are all made of the steel stamping. According to statistics, an ordinary passenger car manufacturing average of about 1,500 stampings. Incremental year of China's current vehicle production, foreign investment into China have set up factories to meet domestic demand and export demand hot, the demand for automotive stamping parts stamping parts industry in China will certainly be upgraded into a good opportunity.

First, the prospect of gratifying automotive stamping rising demand in foreign markets

In recent years, the field of automobile stamping parts, with the introduction of new models, old models of replacement vehicles and spare parts at home and abroad continues to expand production scale, the demand is increasing. Thus, based on access to new supply channels, with advanced technology manufacturers and stamping the world with cost-competitive manufacturer of stamping parts of national systems, have enhanced their careers in the field of production systems to accelerate the construction of stamping parts.

As the rapid development of domestic and stamping dies obvious technological advances, coupled with low domestic prices of stamping die, which in recent years, some domestic brand vehicles have been many joint stamping parts imported from the past turn into the domestic procurement. Meanwhile, with China's domestic automotive stamping industry, and gradually increase the international competitiveness of some foreign brands more and more cars began stamping parts procurement from China. Germany and the United States, some OEMs stamping factory has a number of Chinese products into its global procurement chain. This trend has not only become clear, and with the technology to optimize the production of local enterprises, the domestic stamping industry in the international market advantage will be further highlighted.


Second, a future, longer challenges and opportunities


Although domestic business of automobile stamping die stamping great vision, but the development of domestic stamping imbalance occurs also worth attention. Although China's auto output alarming, but many of them also come from foreign famous brands of capital investment and large-scale production. At the same time, the lifeblood of stamping parts as the grip of an important part of the progress of its development have occurred in regional imbalances. For example, South China's Guangdong Province on the traditional city car, start than East China, Shanghai, Changchun, northern China to be late, especially for the highest added value, mainly for the manufacture of automotive panel stamping die, the moment the market of South China the development of near-empty.


Indeed, China's automotive stamping industry with the advanced automobile manufacturing countries still have a considerable gap. Such as Europe and North America, automotive stamping parts stamping parts in the share of industry accounted for almost half of the country, in contrast, there are only about 1 / 3 of stamping products for the automotive industry, which is worth thinking about.


While China's auto industry has yet to be stamping technology upgrade, this will not change the global auto industry in general, as automobile production base in China as the preferred pattern. Uddeholm tool steel company (UddeholmToolAB) international client manager GeertvanderLinden clear that China and the Czech Republic is now the world's most popular automobile production base, he is very optimistic about market prospects in China.


Third, the low-cost high-quality cutting-edge technology call


China's auto market as the automotive press to develop and show strong growth momentum, but most of the Chinese automotive stamping is the world's multinational corporations carve up the market to speed up the localization of automobile stamping parts in the automotive stamping industry's top priority. No low-cost domestic stamping dies, there will be rapid development of domestic brand cars, which has been recognized by everyone, but it does not mean low cost. In the low-cost development and variety of the same time, the rapid development of domestic brand cars and to improve quality can not be made from the stamping levels. Not only in the middle and low domestic car market and will continue to develop high-end market in increasing its market share, this trend is very clear. This will definitely make the car more and more high-stamping the request, which is the automotive market, the inevitable trend of stamping dies. Stamping parts enterprises should fully understand this trend and to rely on technological advances to keep costs low, and continuously improve product quality stampings.